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At Cedar Pet supply, it is our goal to provide you with the ultimate one stop shopping experience for everything your companion could ever need. Browse our available pets and come in to visit them and shop our supplies.
Whether your pet is warm and fuzzy, small and furry, or cool and scaly - we have what you need!

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Pets Make Life Great!

Why Choose Cedar
Pet Supply in Enterprise

We love your pets just as much as you do! We are a family run organisation that has been in the pet and pet supply industry for over a decade! Founded in 2008 we’ve been providing high quality pets and healthy delicious pet foods for all your fun-loving family pets. We strive to be the best pet store in Enterprise, Nevada!

Parrots at Cedar Pet Supply Cedar Pet Supply Variety of Pets
Cedar Pet Supply Variety of Pets Cedar Pet Supply Store

Expanding Families One Pet at a Time

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At Cedar Pet Supply we're in love, puppy love that is! Fall in love with any of our amazing puppies for sale and adoption. Our puppies are happy, playful, loving, and guaranteed healthy. Stay current with our wild newsletters for announcements on our adoption event weekends. Every dog deserves a loving home.

We are one of Utah's largest providers of amazing reptiles!


We are one of Utah's largest providers of amazing reptiles! With hundreds of different types of reptiles we'll be sure to find the right scaley friend for you! We have snakes, geckos, frogs, turtles, monitors, iguanas, skinks, bearded dragons, and much more. Slitter on down for a fantastic selection and save big on our everyday reptile specials.

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Designer kittens galore. If you're looking for a blue eyed Persian we have them. Want a Maincoon? We carry them often as well. If you ask our kittens they'll tell you, cats rule and dogs drool?

A spider.


If creepy 8 legged crawlers are your thing, then Cedar Pet Supply has the right Arachnid for you! We carry a wide variety of spiders including Mexican, Brazilian, Cobalt Blue, Goliath Bird Eating Tarantulas and many more!

A clown fish.


One of the funniest and most rewarding hobbies to have is fishkeeping. We are fish experts and we're here to help with setting up your first fish tank or maintain your existing tank. Whether you're a novice or a pro we carry high quality brands of fish products not typically found in big box stores. We are a hobbyist oasis. We also carry a wide variety of both fresh and saltwater fish and invertebrates.

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One of the smartest creatures on the planet are birds and we have them too. We carry parakeets, love birds, cockatiels, cockatoos, conures, and many others.

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Our Cute and Adorable Puppies in Enterprise!

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We now offer delivery of our in-store items directly to you through DoorDash!

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We now offer delivery of our in-store items directly to you through DoorDash! Select which store location you want to receive your delivery from, and and we will get you everything you asked for!

About Our Pets Guarantees!

Our Cedar Pet Supply Store in Nevada offers industry leading guarantees on all our pets. We strive to work with only the best providers for all of our wonderful loving pets.

Depending on the pet purchased we offer up to 12 years of health warranties. We’re serious about your new pet’s health and safety! Our pets are from professional hobby and licensed breeders.

For more information about our pet guarantees please see our guarantee page.

Cedar City Pet Store in Utah offers industry leading guarantees on all our pets
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Be a hero and apply to host a rescue event on our rescue event weekends!

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