Centipedes, Millipedes, and Scorpions

by Store Blog 04 may
# Pet Tips
A Centipede.

Centipedes and millipedes are both arthropods, but they have some distinct differences. Centipedes have one pair of legs per body segment, and they are carnivorous, using their venomous jaws to hunt insects and small animals. Millipedes, on the other hand, have two pairs of legs per body segment, and they are herbivores, feeding on decaying plant matter. Both of these creatures can be kept as pets in a terrarium with the right environment and food.


Scorpions, on the other hand, are arachnids with a fearsome reputation. They have eight legs and a distinctive tail with a venomous stinger. While some species of scorpions can be dangerous to humans, many others are harmless and can make great pets. They are also low maintenance, as they don't require much space or food.


One of the benefits of keeping centipedes, millipedes, and scorpions as pets is that they are low maintenance. They don't require daily attention or playtime, and they can go for weeks without food. They are also fascinating to observe, with unique behaviors and adaptations. For example, some scorpions will glow under UV light, which can be a stunning sight to see.


However, it's important to note that these creatures are not for everyone. Some people may find them creepy or unsettling, and there are some species of centipedes, millipedes, and scorpions that can be dangerous to humans. It's important to do your research and make sure you choose a species that is suitable for you and your living situation.


Centipedes, millipedes, and scorpions can make interesting and low-maintenance pets for those who are interested in the arthropod world. While they may not be as cuddly as a dog or cat, they can offer a unique and fascinating pet-owning experience. As with any pet, it's important to do your research and make sure you're prepared to provide the appropriate care and environment for your new pet.

Close-up of someone holding a scorpion in their hands.