I’m Thinking of Buying a Puppy: Where Do I Start?!

by Cedar Pet Supply 01 sep
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I'm Thinking of Buying A Puppy: Where Do I Start?!

Congrats! You’ve decided that getting a dog is the right choice for your family and lifestyle. You are about to embark on a path of happiness, love, and companionship. With that said, there are lots of things to consider before welcoming a dog into your life! The professionals at Cedar Pet Supply are here to help. Here are things to consider once you have decided to take the leap. 

Where Should You Get Your Puppy From?

Although dog shelters are great causes, the dogs can be wildcards. Behavior problems, health problems, and social problems are all things that you won’t necessarily be able to detect when you adopt your dog. If you are a seasoned dog owner, you likely have the time and expertise to handle a more difficult situation. However, breeders are the way to go if you want a more predictable temperament and health history. 

Cedar Pet Supply works with ethical breeders to make sure that their puppies are set up for a lifetime of success. This involves rigorous breeder screening, strict operating standards, and a love for dogs! We want our dogs to be happy, healthy, and with a family for life. We are with you every step of the way, from picking your perfect pooch to training tips and medical advice.

When you get a pet store puppy, you have a lot of certainties that shelter dogs lack. Our careful screening and selection of breeders mean that we know your dog has been socialized, cared for physically and emotionally, and had the proper health attention from the day they were born. When you adopt with us, you are getting a happy and healthy best friend for life! 

Preparing for Your Puppy

One of the best ways to have a smooth transition when adopting a puppy is to have their environment ready well before you bring them home and to plan ahead for their future. This can also help you gauge if the financial investment for your new family member is feasible. Here’s a list to get you started: 

Before You Bring Them Home: 

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  • Get a Personalized Dog Tag: These can be printed at pet stores and some supermarkets. Keep the pet tag simple— we suggest the pet’s name and one phone number only— in case someone needs to read the tag from a distance.
  •  Stock Up on Supplies: crate, kennel, puppy-appropriate toys, food (try to get the same food that your breeder was giving them to avoid stomach upset), food bowls (we recommend ones that won’t easily slip or fall over— your puppy is still developing her motor skills!), and grooming materials. 
  • Start Planning Out Your Walks: Choose a safe route that is away from traffic, wildlife, and dangerous terrain. You can ramp up the walks later, but start simple. Invest in a good leash and an escape-proof harness. A note— make sure to hook their leash to the harness, not to the collar! Tugging on their collar too much can lead to throat problems and choking.
  • Get Them Ready for a Lifetime of Health: Your Cedar Pet Supply puppy will come with a health certificate, access to a health hotline, and a great set of health guarantees. Continue this legacy of wellness by taking them to a vet within a week of adopting, continuing their vaccination schedule, and keeping an eye on any health symptoms that might have popped up. Don’t hesitate to contact the Cedar Pet Supply professionals with any questions about your puppy’s health! 
  • Expect the Unexpected. Puppies love to bite, chew, and swallow just about anything. When your puppy ingests something harmful, be ready to take action quickly! The first line of defense is puppy-proofing your house and making sure there is nothing tantalizing at puppy height. The next line of defense is being prepared! Call around, find the vet with the best pricing plan for emergency care, and keep their phone number programmed into your phone and on the refrigerator. Make sure children and roommates know what your plan of choice is if they are unable to reach you.

During Their First Year

  • Be Prepared to Invest in Some New Gear! Your puppy will grow, and they will grow fast! Their leash, harness, and collar will likely need to be replaced. Same with kennels and dog beds. Depending on your dog, you might have to change toys frequently if they are chewers or shredders. You’ll also need to switch them from puppy food to adult food, and a larger treat to match. 
  • Vet Expenses Might Ramp Up: as your puppy gets older, they will require more shots and vaccinations, as well as yearly checkups and, if applicable, spaying or neutering. Start putting money aside today for unexpected expenses— even something as small as a rotten tooth can cost a significant amount of money. Plan ahead, and look into low-cost clinics in your area. 
  • Get Ready to Train! While some dogs seem to learn things almost instantly, others may take a little longer to ramp up their training game. Regardless of what type of dog you have, at least some training will be required. When you adopt from Cedar Pet Supply, you have lifetime access to an amazing network of trainers and professionals that are ready for any training questions or needs that pop up. Be sure to utilize our videos, DogSTAR training program, and 24/7 hotline. 

From The First Year Onwards

  • Keep Adding to That Savings Plan We Talked About! According to Petfinder.com, the minimum cost of owning a dog or puppy averages at $395 during the first year, and continues to cost at least $326 each year following— and this is just the basics, and does not include unforeseen expenses like vet visits or emergency surgeries.
  • Decide Your Travel Plan: Whether its a planned vaction, or an unexpected trip, have a plan ready to go for if you need to go out of town. Have a primary person who can take care of your dog, a backup plan, and a backup plan to the backup plan! You can look into boarding in your area, utilize social media groups, or ask around your neighborhood. The last thing you want is to book a fabulous trip and then have to cancel because of fido. 

Connect With a Cedar Pet Supply Professional

Can’t wait to adopt your puppy? The professionals at Cedar Pet Supply are here to help you decide the best pet for your lifestyle, and to provide you with support along the way. Come see our selection, and walk away with a new best friend!