Pet Care on a Budget

by Cedar Pet Supply 08 oct
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Pet Care On A Budget

A labrador retriever puppy getting its ears checked.

Here Are Things to Consider if Want a Pet and You Are on a Budget 

Purchase vs. Adoption

While adoption may seem like the less expensive option, there are lots of hidden costs that might come with the low price tag of adoption. Most adopted animals have uncertain backgrounds when it comes to training, socialization, and medical care.  The money you save on the initial adoption can be a drop in the bucket when you consider the cost of behavior issues, hidden health issues, or socialization that might be lacking. We had a customer tell us about a chihuahua she adopted for only $50 from a shelter. While that felt like a steal, the $1800 she had to pay just one month later to have a cancerous lump removed from their rump certainly was not. 

On the other hand, pet stores have strict standards when it comes to choosing where they get their pets from. It can be a gamble adopting from a breeder. Reputable breeders will have a reputation for having happy and healthy puppies. If you don’t have the time and money that it takes to investigate a breeder, a pet store like Cedar Pet Supply will do the vetting for you! We make sure that all of our breeders are USDA certified, and that our animals are happy and healthy. 

Pet Size

Larger pets typically have more expensive needs. After all, they take up more space! They eat more food and require more supplies. Medications and vaccinations may be more costly for larger pets. For renting a house, larger pets may mean bigger security deposits- or they might not be allowed at all!
Smaller pets, including fish, reptiles, and amphibians, will cost less. They eat more food, require less training, and don’t outgrow their environment or supplies as quickly as larger pets do.  

Purebred or Mixed Breed:

If you opt for a dog or cat, consider whether you want a purebred animal or a mixed breed animal. Purebred dogs and cats have a higher price tag upfront, but they are more resistant to different health conditions and diseases when compared to mixed-breed pets. 


While older pets are likely already spayed and neutered, the cost of aging can get expensive. When you buy a dog from a pet supply store like Cedar Pet Supply, you can guarantee that they are up to date on their vaccinations and that you have access to great training resources. Additionally, dogs that are older can be set in their ways— and that isn’t always a good thing when it comes to bad behavior! When you adopt a younger pet, you can train them to behave in ways that will save you money and time in the long run by avoiding expensive damage with chewing, clawing, or housebreaking accidents.

Low Budget Pets:

Here are some pets that are great for a low budget: 

  • Fish. Fish are one of the most budget-friendly animals that pet supply stores can offer. While their initial setup does require a small investment, their long-term costs are extremely low. You will likely have to upgrade their tank over time, but beyond that, a fish is a very budget-friendly option. 

  • Small amphibians and reptiles. Similar to fish, small amphibians and reptiles like frogs, snakes, and lizards are a great low-cost option. They will have a little more expenses over time (like prey to snack on, the substrate for their cages, and lightbulb replacements) but they are a great budget option. 

  • Rats, rabbits, and bunnies. Rats, rabbits and bunnies have more expenses than fish, amphibians, and reptiles, but they are nowhere near the cost of a dog or cat. Similar to a dog and cat, they often enjoy being trained, held, and played with like a dog. They are a great alternative for those who live in smaller spaces, as well. 

How To Save On All Your Pet Care

Regardless of what type of pet you have, there are ways to keep your pet care costs low. Here are some simple steps you can take to lower the costs of owning a pet without compromising the quality of your pet's life.


Ironically, buying a higher quality pet food may cost less in the long run. Expensive, high-quality pet foods will help meet your animal’s nutritional needs and prevent them from requiring other types of snacks. Similarly to humans, the type of food that is eaten can directly correlate with health. Practice portion control to make the food last longer (you might be surprised at what the portion size may be for your pet!). You can also add in healthy table scraps that you would normally throw away to add some bulk to their food. Be sure to research and make sure that the table scraps are easy to digest and appropriate for your pet. 

Veterinary Care:

A pet with health issues can garner some expensive medical bills. By keeping your pet healthy with regular checkups and preventative care, you can try to avoid emergency visits and unexpected procedures. Feeding your pet a quality diet, exercising them appropriately, and providing supplements and nutrients can go a long way when it comes to lowering future costs. 

Stop By Cedar Pet Supply! 

No matter how much your pet costs, there are ways to trim your budget and still give your pet the very best care so they live a long, healthy, happy, and inexpensive life. By buying from Cedar Pet Supply, you can ensure that your pet has come from a great background, has a clean bill of health, and has enjoyed a healthy life!