Is It Okay to Get a Pet from a Pet Shop?

Pet Stores Are the Best Bet When It Comes to Getting a New Pet. Here’s Why.

by Cedar Pet Supply 08 oct
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Is It Okay To Get A Pet From A Pet Store?

A brown puppy resting on a puppy training pad.

Your Pet Will Have a Clear History 

When you get an animal from a shelter, you don’t know anything about the history of your new pet. Humane societies and other shelters do their best to tell you what they can. But strays, or dishonest owners, make it hard for every pet to have a clear history. This can make it especially difficult for new pet owners or owners that don’t have the time and money to handle unexpected financial, medical, or behavioral issues. 

When you get an animal from a pet store— whether reptile, amphibian, fish, or reptile-- you know the history of your new best friend. Pet stores have a strict vetting process when it comes to choosing where to get their animals, how those animals were raised, and what their lineage looks like. 

Pet Stores Have Strict Breeding Standards 

Pet stores like Cedar Pet Supply have a strict vetting process to ensure that the breeders they work with are ethical and the dogs they raise are healthy. Cedar Pet Supply works with USDA licensed and professional hobby breeders that follow all state and federal regulations. These regulations ensure that dogs are socialized, have medical attention from the start, and are raised in great living conditions. If you get a dog straight from a breeder and skip the pet store, you might not have the chance to see where the dogs were raised, or to check the credentials of the breeder as intensively as a pet store does. 

The same goes for reptiles, fish, and amphibians as well. If you try to get one of these animals from the wild, you are likely going to be bringing disease, bacteria, or an unhealthy animal into your home. Sometimes, the shock of going from the wild and into captivity is enough to end the life of these little ones. Because of that, pet stores adhere to strict standards. They work to make sure that all small animals were bred and raised in captivity. This helps the animals as they adjust to their new environment, and makes sure that there aren’t any health surprises or unwanted diseases along the way. 

Health Guarantees

When it comes to buying a new best friend, you should only purchase a pet that has had a health check and comes with a guarantee. Reputable pet stores like Cedar Pet Supply will have a health guarantee for their pets. If you adopt a dog, we will also give you the dog’s shots record and tests that the puppy has received. Health guarantees can help cover medical expenses that occur within a few days of your purchase. At Cedar Pet Supply, we offer something that our competitors do not: one of the most competitive health guarantees in the business. Stores that don’t offer health guarantees can’t be held to any legal liabilities. Feel free to ask our associates about the extent of our health checks to get a feel for our store’s commitment to animal safety and customer satisfaction. 

Pet Stores Help You Find the Right Pet for Your Lifestyle 

We all know a person who adopted a pet, and then quickly realized the pet was not the right fit. Maybe it’s the family that has a chow-chow that snaps at the children, or the new owner of a snake who feels squeamish about feeding live prey to it. One of the many advantages of buying a pet from a pet store is that the experts can help you choose the right pet for your lifestyle, family, and needs. 

When you go to a pet store like Cedar Pet Supply, you are working with experts. They can tell you about the types of animals available, the different breeds within those types, and the characteristics of the animals that make for the right pet.

You also get to actually see the animal before you purchase it. You may have your heart set on one type of animal, but choose another after discussing your needs and lifestyle with a pet professional. The size of the animal, level of care, and potential future expenses are all things to consider— and an expert at a pet store like Cedar Pet Supply can help you navigate that!  

Pet Stores Have More Resources 

Financing Options

When you buy a pet from a pet store, there are more financial perks than buying from a shelter or straight from a breeder. You can often do financing if you aren’t able to pay the full price of the animal just yet. This can help you offset the cost of getting your dream breed. While you need to take all aspects of finances into consideration when choosing a new pet, having a little leeway can be nice. 

Pet Supplies

A pet store doesn’t just sell pets! Stores like Cedar Pet Supply also have plenty of other resources to help you as you set up the perfect environment for your new best friend. The pet experts at stores like Cedar Pet Supply can help you figure out what supplies are the absolute necessities, what things you might need in the future, and what items make for fun splurges. They can also make recommendations for food! Knowing the best choice for your pet’s diet can help you rest assured that your pet will be happy and healthy. 

Training Knowledge

Often, pet stores will have expert trainers that they team up with— sometimes, at a discount! When you get your pet from a pet supply store like Cedar Pet Supply, you will be connected to a network of experts that has been vetted (no pun intended) by the pet professionals. There are a lot of things to consider when you choose a new pet, so having recommendations for something as crucial as training, vets, and medical advice is worth its weight in gold. 

A Clear Winner

When it comes to finding your new best friend, pet stores are the clear winner. Stop into Cedar Pet Supply today to see our selection of happy, healthy pets!